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10/18/2022 Update

10/18/2022:  Boil Water Order remains in effect.  The results from the samples taken on Sunday, 10/16, have come back as follows:  Grove Rd site negative for both e-coli and coliform; West Rd positive for coliform and negative for e-coli; Lafayette Rd positive for coliform and negative for e-coli; Parsons Rd postive for coliform and negative for e-coli; Washington Rd postive for both coliform and e-coli.  With the positive e-coli sample found at the Washington Road testing site, the Rye Water District remains under a Boil Water Order.

Samples were taken on 10/17 and the District is awaiting the results of those tests, which should be by the end of day on 10/18.

At this time, the Water District will begin a system wide chlorination process, which is standard flushing practice during the month of October.  The RWD staff continues to work on finding the source and correcting this problem.  RWD will continue to post updates as soon as they become available.  

Answers to frequently asked questions about boil orders, including food preparation, bathing, and laundry, can be found: